Meet Dr.  Iqbal Bassa


After 20 years of medical practice, I have seen the world of medicine transform radically and in the most exciting ways.

There is a strong shift towards true healing and cure and away from 'Big Pharma' and dependence on chemicals and drugs.

The age of mass information has accelerated peoples yearning for real knowledge of Self and 

Well Being.

 Being healthy is a state of both your inward and outward self.

Put simply medicine is whatever works to make you healthy.

There have been unbelievable u-turns in medical opinions in mere decades and many cases of what the medical fraternity deemed beneficial are now deemed to be contrary!

The best healthcare for you is one that is specific to you. There is no one size fits all approach as each human is unique and has unique traits. 

It really is a case of different strokes for different folks.

The layers of the self that must be looked at are seen (visible) and 

unseen (not visible) i.e.: 

a)The Physical Body,              

b) The Psychological/Mental, 

c) The Emotional /Feeling, 

d) The Spiritual 

 Your body is the most wondrous thing on earth and is in constant communication with you. It speaks very subtly, to begin with. Listen! If you don’t, it speaks louder and louder until something gives. When you feel pain and then need to see the doctor…you weren’t listening to your body. When you learn to listen to this language it will tell you what needs attention. 

 When things go wrong in any of these spheres, and things do go wrong with time, it is vital to address and heal each component as quickly as possible in order to reach complete health in each sphere of the self and then to be able to harmonize, optimize and maintain that for all the wonderful years of life ahead!

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Wonder Weight Loss Programme

Functional Medicine

Integrative Medicine

Individualised IV Infusion Therapies

Functional Aesthetics

Functional Skin Care  

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Anxiety/Stress Ketamine Treatment

Hair Restoration 

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